Best Taxable Portfolios

Ellevest Digital - A Place to Call Home Portfolio

Minimum Amount: $0

Management Fee: 0.25%


Ellevest’s portfolio called "A Place to Call Home" ranked the highest in our ranking of income portfolios. The underlying ETFs chosen by the portfolio posted a 6.74% return within the "Review Period". Adding up both ETF level fees and the management fee charged by Ellevest yields a total cost to invest in the portfolio of 0.38%. Ellevest is a robo-advisor on a mission. Marketed as an investment service for women that invests in women, it is nonetheless available for all genders. It offers features such as tax conscious asset placement but does not offer tax loss harvesting. Ellevest will also help you forecast how much risk you can take on by considering, amongst other things, your gender and salary.

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Suggested Use: For investors who want a low minimum amount and are indifferent about having tax loss harvesting.

1 year return Total cost Minimum deposit Tax services Auto deposits Human adviser Fractional Shares Automatic Dividend Reinvesting Automatic Rebalancing SRI Strategy
6.74% 0.38% $0 Tax conscious asset allocation
6.28% 0.38% $0 Tax conscious asset allocation
6.74% 0.63% $50,000 Tax conscious asset allocation Access to CFP
6.28% 0.63% $50,000 Tax conscious asset allocation Access to CFP
--0.26% 0.72% $0 Tax loss harvesting