Best Taxable Portfolios

SoFi Wealth - Moderate Portfolio

Minimum Amount: $100

Management Fee: 0%


SoFi's moderate portfolio ranked the highest in our composite scoring of balanced portfolios. The underlying ETFs chosen by the portfolio posted a 9.52% return within the "Review Period". Adding up both ETF level fees and the management fee charged by SoFi yields a total cost to invest in the portfolio of 0.13%. SoFi, synonymous with student loan refinancing, has expanded its services into the robo-advisory field. What makes SoFi unique is the access to human advisors at any account size for no additional fee. Additionally, SoFi gives discounts to repeat SoFi customers – so existing customers may find extra savings in SoFi’s offerings. However, while SoFi has waived its fees for the remainder of 2018, SoFi will be charging a 0.25% management fee on accounts over $10,000 starting in 2019. At that price point, SoFi may have ranked lower than some of the other robo-advisor portfolios highlighted in this ranking. However, access to human advisors at a low fee of 0.25% will likely still be worthwhile for many users.

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Suggested Use: For investors who want access to a human advisor or who may use SoFi for other financial services.

1 year return Total cost Minimum deposit Tax services Auto deposits Human adviser Fractional Shares Automatic Dividend Reinvesting Automatic Rebalancing SRI Strategy
9.52% 0.13% $100 Access to series 65 licensed adviser
5.23% 0.36% $0 Tax conscious asset allocation
5.23% 0.61% $50,000 Tax conscious asset allocation Access to CFP
0.15% 0.74% $0 Tax loss harvesting
0.58% 0.33% $500 Tax loss harvesting and better tax services on larger accounts