Best Robo-Advisors Offering SRI

M1 Finance

Minimum Amount: $0

Management Fee: 0%

M1 Finance

M1 Finance provides an online brokerage platform. It will suggest certain portfolio allocations that users can select if they would rather not construct their own portfolio. Because M1 Finance is not acting as a fiduciary, users are responsible telling M1 Finance exactly what they want done to their portfolio – including telling the service to rebalance their portfolios. Further, M1 Finance is not subject to the same requirements to act in a user’s best interest since it is not a fiduciary. Despite this, M1 Finance’s pre-made portfolios do include a socially responsible investing strategy that users may find appealing and the online brokerage platform is very user friendly.

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Average Performance for All SRI Portfolios Average Total Costs for All SRI Portfolios Minimum deposit Tax services Auto deposits Human adviser Fractional Shares Automatic Dividend Reinvesting Automatic Rebalancing SRI Strategy
3.24% 0.39% $0
0.59% 0.44% $0 Tax conscious asset allocation
0.28% 0.75% $0 Tax loss harvesting
0.59% 0.69% $50,000 Tax conscious asset allocation Access to CFP
0.28% 0.65% $100,000 Tax loss harvesting Access to series 65 licensed adviser

* M1Finance is not a true robo-advisor, but rather an online brokerage platform. They provide suggested portfolio allocations in case users need help designing a portfolio. Please note: M1 Finance is not required to act in a user’s best interest the same way a fiduciary would.