Nummo's retirement tools will help you set and achieve your retirement goals. Create your retirement plan based on your specific situation.

Our retirement planner tool

Do you know how much money you will have at retirement? Whether or not you are currently saving or investing for retirement, we will show you where you will stand financially in 5, 10 or 20 years. Use our retirement planning calculator to see how your savings could affect your financial future. Investing just $100 a month can have a significant impact.

Our retirement planner tool

How does our retirement planner tool work?

Your portfolio is derived based on your allocation today across the different asset classes. For each asset class we use a prediction of how the individual asset class will perform in the long-term as well as the relationship with all other asset classes. Different asset classes behave differently. In general, a riskier portfolio consists of more equity and has a higher level of projected return.

How does our retirement panner tool work?

Possible financial projections

On top, any monthly savings are added to your portfolio accordingly. All this pooled information is used by our retirement growth planner to calculate a range of projected returns shown in the so-called fan chart. The fan chart shows three different scenarios; a good, a medium and a bad projection.

Good projection

The good projection shows the projection of your portfolio value in an above average case. In terms of probability, 75% of all projections fall below this projected value.

Medium projection

The medium projection is what you can expect on average. In terms of probability, 50% of all projections fall below the projected value.

Bad projection

The bad projection is the unfortunate event if your portfolio performs below the average case. In terms of probability, 25% of all projections fall below the projected value.