With Nummo you can connect all your bank accounts in one place to simplify your daily money management.

Connect your accounts

With Nummo you’ve found your perfect financial app to connect all your bank accounts in one place. Keep track of all your assets, debts and bills using our features and spend more time with your family and less time on spreadsheets. Having all your finances in one place makes your daily money management easy.

Nummo App Account Aggregation

Best financial desktop & mobile app

Use Nummo on desktop or on our app and always be in charge of your finances. Get a complete overview by adding your credit cards, checking or saving accounts, mortgage, student loan or investment accounts. From Wells Fargo, Fidelity, Bank of America, Citibank to Chase, AMEX, Discover, USAA, Betterment and many more.

Best financial desktop & mobile app

1,2,3 Go

Get started with Nummo in just 3 easy steps: visit or download our Nummo app on the app store or google play and sign up. Whether you want to monitor if you are spending too much on your daily Starbucks coffee, weekly groceries or monthly fast food visits, it’s all in there.

Add your first account

Add your first bank account or credit card. We never store your credentials and have no access to them so you always remain in complete control! Check your dashboard to see your first connected account – we will automatically add all transactions of the past 90 days so you get a good overview. In some cases, we even show you your transactions of the past 12 months.

Connect your first account

Take care of your loved ones

In addition to your own bank accounts, you can connect the accounts of people you take care of financially. Whether you are helping your aging parents manage their day to day finances or monitoring your kid’s spending habits in college, combine everything on Nummo.

Add your house and car

With Nummo you can also create "manual accounts" to add everything else you own or owe. This may include assets such as a car or a house, but also some debt you might have, such as a private loan from a friend.

Nummo App Add your house and car