Nummo's budgeting features will help you keep track of your money, so you can maintain and achive your financial goals.

Our budgeting app

With Nummo you can create a budget in 30 seconds! Every transaction is automatically categorized and put in a budget to help you stay on track. By being connected to your bank account, you will always know where your money is going. See how much you spend on coffee, groceries, bills or entertainment and decide where to cut back.

Nummo Our budgeting App

A digital budgeting method

Budgeting is the first step to improve your financial health. We know it is not a simple task and can become overwhelming. That’s why we created Nummo: to make your daily money management easy and efficient. You don’t have to think about where you spent yesterday or for what you need to save tomorrow. Every transaction will be automatically categorized.

Nummo app a digital budgeting method

Keep track of your money habits

When you give every dollar you own a specific purpose there is no room for overspending or spending on things you don’t really need. Creating a budget on Nummo will allow you to make the best use of your money. Our budgeting feature is effortless, you just need to focus on not exceeding your budget and that’s it.

Work towards a financial goal

Whether you want to become debt free or save for that emergency fund, budgeting is the only method that will allow you to have a real strategy to accomplish your goals. With Nummo you stay on track and monitor where your money is going. You’ll quickly learn to be mindful when spending money, therefore reducing your stress and worry over bills.

Works towards a financial goal

Auto-create your budget

Once you have added your bank accounts and credit cards, you are ready to auto-create your budget. In doing so we automatically analyze all your transactions of the past 90 days and make an instant suggestion on how much money you should spend this month. We review over 20 main categories such as Food & Dining, Shopping or Bills & Utilities and break it down to over 100 subcategories. While we try to support you as much as possible in this process, you can, of course, always update and edit your budget manually.

Auto-create your budget - guided by Nummo